We are Delta.g

A deep tech company building robust, portable gravity gradient sensors to accurately detect ‘buried’ features

See the unseen

We are Delta g, a deep tech company leveraging gravity so that humankind can see the unseen. We have pioneered a powerful, quantum technology-based, gravity gradient capability, making it possible to successfully detect ‘buried’ features from their gravitational profile alone.

Solving real world problems

We believe that by harnessing the fundamental force of gravity we have the potential to positively impact much of today's world. Reducing traffic jams by eliminating unnecessary roadworks, an alternative, more reliable navigation system and a better way to monitor resources as we tackle climate change, being just a few examples.

Our mission

Our mission is to design and build the tools that leverage the power of gravity; portable sensors that harness quantum technology to measure gravity gradients, and are immune to many of the noise sources hindering current methods. Sensors that are accurate, reliable and built with the functionality that industry actually needs.


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